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We will now be offering two English services. Thank you for your part in helping to make this possible. We must continue to do this well and can use 30% of our seating capacity. It is therefore necessary for those who wish to attend to pick one service and register.

If you have questions about re-opening and what to expect click here.

Low German Services:

German service starts at 9:00 AM

At this point RSVP is not needed for the German service. Visitors are welcome. 

English Services:

First Service: July 12th 10:30 AM

Second Service: July 12th 12:00 PM

Please note RSVP is only available from Tuesday 12 PM to Friday 3 PM.

If you cannot make it to a service that you have RSVP'd to, please cancel your ticket on eventbrite or call the office by Friday 4 PM if possible. 

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