Jr. youth


For more information, please contact Pastor Peter Klassen:

Phone: 519-329-3295

Email: peter@deerrun.church


Anyone who completes these challenges will receive a personalized dog-tag necklace! 

Here are the verses for the challenge: You have the option of reciting them word for word or sheet by sheet to pastor Peter or a leader.






April 7: Show and Tell! Bring something interesting about yourself that you can share with the rest of the    group! The goal is to get to know you better.

April 14: Airsoft War at Church. You will need to wear eye protection if you partaking in the Airsoft War but there will be other activities for those who aren't.

If you do not have a gun you can connect pastor Peter to reserve one for you (limited number).

April 21: Craft Night

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May 24 Sunday School: Click Here

May 17 Sunday School: Click Here

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April 1 Bible Study: Click   Here

April 8 Bible Study: Click  Here

March 29 Sunday School Lesson: Click HERE

March 25th Bible Study: To watch the Bible Study click Here

March 29 Sunday School Lesson: Click HERE

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Sr. Youth


At this time our government has called for social distancing. 

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We meet at the church on Fridays from 7:30-9:00pm (unless otherwise specified). It is our desire that every student would move forward in their journey with Christ towards spiritual maturity.

For more information, please contact Pastor Jonathan Neufeld:

Phone: 519-819-9252

Email: jonathan@deerrun.church