It has been said that there is nothing in the world like the local church when it's working right! Our mission: Leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Deer Run Church is a place where you can worship God passionately. Where you can be connected and find fellowship. Where you can be equipped for service and be used by God to touch the life of someone else through mission. Our mandate is to exalt God, embrace one another, equip for service and extend the kingdom. Why not join us this Sunday? You will be glad you did!

Who we Are

Click HERE for a short video presentation of Deer Run's history.

In 1936 there was a split in the Sommerfeld Mennonite church in Southern Manitoba. Desiring renewal, a number of adults left and formed the Rudnerweider Mennonite Church in Rosenfeld, Manitoba. The Rudnerweider Mennonites stressed true conversion. They adhered to the same tenets of faith and used the same catechism as the original group, but held evangelistic gatherings, Bible studies and prayer meetings. They were active in Sunday school, young people's meetings and choir practice. Their elected ministers were free to deliver sermons directly from the Bible, instead of merely reading sermons handed down from the past as was the case in the Sommerfeld church.

Over time the church grew. On July 1, 1959 the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC) was formed from this group. The conference of churches continued to spread to western Manitoba, to the Interlake region of Manitoba, to Saskatchewan, Ontario, Texas, Mexico, Belize and Bolivia.

In 1967 Reverend Isaac Friesen and Henry Peters from Manitoba were invited to Leamington to conduct revival services among the Mennonites who had migrated there from Mexico. Several small groups were established and Bible studies and services were held in various homes. Reverend Dave Friesen from Aylmer was asked to come and give care to these growing groups.

In 1968 Reverend Jake Hoeppner was sent by the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference to be the pastor for this group. Initially the church met at UMEI. The first baptism was held in 1970 with eight people receiving baptism. In 1971 a building project began and by 1973 the church was completed. During the construction of the building Reverend Gordon Brown from Manitoba became the pastor.

Services were initially only in the Low German language. In 1979 services began to be held in both Low German and English together. In 1987 the Low German and English services were separated. That same year the church dedicated their new facilities that had been enlarged to more than double the size. 

In 2004, the church completed another building expansion to hold the growing congregation. God has been faithful to us as a church over the years. Today more than 500 men, women and children gather weekly for worship. Everyone is welcome!