Coming Soon

Church Picnic - June 25

This will be happening here at the church on Sunday June 25th during the English service at 10:30. There are many amazing things planned, and lunch will be provided after the service. You will not want to miss it!

If you are interested in signing up for the Samson's Playground, there is a sign-up sheet as well as insurance waivers on Kim's desk. 

German Gospel Music Day - July 9, 2017

Doors open at 2:30pm and the event will begin at 3:00pm. Come out for German music, sharing and fellowship. Supper will be available and some proceeds will also be going to the Bridge. For more details you can contact Pastor Quentin Unger at the office at 519-326-9734.


Deer Run German Group

Small Town Gospel Group

The Bergen Family

Ascending Praise